Cellublok skilled in the production of: counterweights for household appliances and elevators, interlocking pavement, New Jersey and concrete monoblock


We have a constantly evolving design staff and high-tech equipment.


Many production tools have been designed and manufactured in the company to reflect our know-how.


Continuous growth by investing in the research for new materials for making products and new technologies to apply.


The certifications achieved testify to the commitment and attention to the quality aspect of the product.

More than 30 years


Innovative technology and high quality standard.

Cellublok has over thirty years of experience in the field of concrete construction products and composite concrete counterweights for household appliances, elevator and cranes, and the company manufactures also iron reinforcements for counterweights and concrete products.

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Production of


We produce counterweights for household appliances and elevators, prodeced according customer specifications.

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Production of

Concrete Pavements

We produce interlocking pavement in concrete: pedestrians, draining and vehicular.

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Production of

Products in Concrete

We produce and design concrete products such as: New Jersey and concrete monoblocks.

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