Counterweights for Household Appliances

The company’s core business is the production of counterweights for household appliances which we have been supplying to the most important manufacturers of household appliances for over thirty years.

Counterweights are made according to customer specifications:

  • design and construction of CAD/CAM prototypes;
  • final mold making;
  • laboratory for customer-specific tests;
  • data analysis with quarterly FPAs.

The production of counterweights is performed with high-tech machinery with technical results operated in the company’s internal laboratory. The internal R&D division is able to ensure the control of the entire production process and to be able to periodically carry out tests of resistance to compression and resistance to bending and abrasion.

The processing techniques adopted are both  cement casting  and vibropress and can reach high specific weights.

Cellublok invests a lot in the research of new materials and technologies for the creation of a product with ever higher quality standards.