Monoblock & New Jersey

Burglar-Proof Walls – Monoblock

Burglar-Proof Walls – Monoblock are a modular block that lends itself to the construction of masonry and containment structures by simple overlapping, whose installation can also be performed by unskilled personnel, making the construction process easy and economical, with particularly undeniable advantages. significant in conditions of extreme urgency.


  1. Road arrangements with underbody walls and shoe covers.
  2. Containment of landslides.
  3. Containment walls for pitches for construction sites with the possibility of recovering the building for subsequent uses.
  4. Construction of abutments for bridges.
  5. Containment of excavations in loose soil.
  6. Construction of access ramps for heavy vehicles, definitive and/or temporary.
  7. Hydraulic-forestry equipment.
  8. Landfill agreements for MSW (recovery plans).


  1. Monobloc type of light.
  2. Heavy-duty monoblock.
  1. Size: 100 x 100 x 100
  2. Weight: 1800 kg tipo leggero, 2200 kg tipo pesante
  3. Armatura: tondino in acciaio nervato tipo FeB44K