Interlocking Pavements


The Mattone, is a reproduction of the old terracotta brick: it is suitable for paving pedestrian areas and modern urbanization.

In the amber and red colors, it perfectly reproduces the appearance of terracotta, with all the charm, while avoiding its weaknesses.

Thanks to its particular construction features, given its low water absorption, it is particularly suitable for areas with freezing problems.

  1. Width: 100 mm
  2. Lenght: 200 mm
  3. Thickness: 60 mm
  4. Material characteristics: monolayer and double layer
  5. Coloring: inorganic oxides
  6. Packaging: wood pallets
  7. Pallet weight (kg): 1250
  8. Quantity of pallet (pieces per square meter): 50
  9. Square meters per pallet: 9

Solid flooring, Brick type, mm in size. 100.0 x 200.0 x 40.0 made of compressed vibro concrete with low porosity inercises, controlled particle size and high mechanical strength guaranteed by vibro compression processing of a value not less than 40 ÷ 50 N/mm². Compliant with UNI EN 1338.