Interlocking Pavements


The product, Unidecor type, combines a good self-locking effect with the aesthetic result of the floor.

For an even more evident architectural result, modules of dear colors in which Unidecor is produced can be combined.

Thanks to its particular construction features, given its low water absorption, it is particularly suitable for areas with freezing problems.

  1. Width: 126 mm
  2. Lenght: 222 mm
  3. Thickness: 60 mm
  4. Material characteristics: double layer
  5. Coloring: inorganic oxides
  6. Packaging: wood pallets
  7. Pallet weight (kg): 1120
  8. Quantity of pallet (pieces per square meter): 48
  9. Square meters per pallet: 8.3

Solid flooring, Unidecor type, mm in size. 224.0 x 112.0 made of compressed vibro concrete with low porosity inerti, controlled particle size and high mechanical strength guaranteed by vibro compression processing of a value not less than 50 ÷ 60 N/mm². Compliant with UNI EN 1338.