Interlocking Pavements


The type Quadro, represents the chloassic solid wood, par excellence, and thanks to its regular shape it allows the creation of flooring with a clean and essential geometry, which refers us to authentic flooring art.

The careful study of the mixture and the grain size, the careful choice of components, highlight the noble inert component of the trampling state.

Compared to solid wood with a thickness of 40.0 mm, it is more versatile as it finds applications in the most severe situations, such as heavy car traffic.

Thanks to its particular construction characteristics, given the low water absorption, it is particularly suitable in areas with problems of freezing.


  1. Quadro liscio.
  2. Quadro ondulato.
  1. Width: 200 mm
  2. Lenght: 200 mm
  3. Thickness: 60 mm
  4. Material characteristics: monolayer and double layer
  5. Coloring: inorganic oxides
  6. Packaging: wood pallets
  7. Pallet weight (kg): 1340 liscio, 1250 ondulato
  8. Quantity of pallet (pieces per square meter): 25
  9. Square meters per pallet: 10

Solid flooring, type Smooth Painting, mm in size. 200.0 x 200.0 x 40.0 made of compressed vibro concrete with low porosity inerti, controlled particle size and high mechanical strength guaranteed by vibro compression processing of a value not less than 40 ÷ 50 N/mm². Compliant with UNI EN 1338.